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Policy for Discontinuation of Residential Water Service

Effective February 1, 2020 In accordance with the State of California’s Senate Bill (SB) No. 998 this policy outlines Veolia’s protocols upon initiation of the process for discontinuation of residential service for nonpayment. In addition to English, this policy for discontinuation of residential service for nonpayment will be made available in Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, and any other language spoken by at least 10% of the people (currently no other language meets this criteria) residing within the service area of East Palo Alto Water.

Download the Veolia – East Palo Alto, CA Multi-Language Disconnect Policy

Water Restriction Policies

Payments for accounts that have been shut-off:

If your water account has been restricted for non-payment, and you are paying online or by phone, it is your responsibility to contact your local office with your confirmation number to ensure that service is restored before the end of the business day. All restrictions have a $60.00 penalty that must be included with your payment before water can be restored.

Water meter tampering

If you need to turn your water off at the meter stop, you must contact Veolia customer service. The meter, meter box, meter box lid and meter stop are the property of the City of East Palo Alto, operated by Veolia. No one is allowed to operate or tamper with this equipment. It is a punishable offense, and Veolia is authorized to fine customers who tamper with or vandalize this property.

Tampering Fees:

  • First violation: $130
  • Second violation: $500
  • Additional violation: Possible Charges

Any person who diverts utility services, prevents any utility meter from performing its measuring functions, tampers with property owned by the utility, or makes any connection or reconnection with property owned by the Utility without authorization is in violation of California Penal Code, Section 498 and may result in misdemeanor or felony charges up to and including imprisonment.

If the meter is damaged due to meter tampering, the cost to replace the meter will be charged to the customer account based on the meter size below.

  • ¾” SL T10 E-CODERR900i Pit Set - $ 531.00
  • 1” T10 E-CODERR900i Pit Set - $ 659.00
  • 1-1/2” T10 E-CODERR900i Pit Set - $ 1,180.00
  • 2” T10 E-CODER)R900i Pit Set - $ 1,456.00

Additional Payment Policies

Payments made on the due date:

Please keep in mind that although your payment is approved online or over the phone, it can take up to 24 - 48 business hours to post, which will incur a $5.00 or 1.5% late payment fee, may delay water restoration. and/or your account can be shut off the following day while your payment is pending. We advise that all payments be made prior to the due date.

If payment is being made by check, please allow sufficient time for the check to be received prior to the due date to avoid a late payment fee.

Returned NSF (non-sufficient funds) payments:

There will be a $30.00 charge to your water account for all returned payments.

Opening or closing a water account?

Please contact our office at least 1 business day in advance to schedule.

We only accept phone payments through our automated system, please call 888-970-0594 to make a payment by phone.

After Hours Water Emergencies

For any after hours water related emergencies call our after hours emergency number (650) 304-4432. Please note that we cannot investigate any issues on your property, the City’s water responsibility ends at the water meter. If you call the emergency line for an issue that is found to be on your property, a fee will be assessed on your next water bill.

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